Studio Manda specializes in the creation of timeless furniture pieces, interior design projects and commissioned works. The studio was founded in 2015 in Lebanon, by architect and designer, Georges Mohasseb.

Located in Beirut, the multidisciplinary studio space boasts an inspiring fusion of international cultures, reflecting an appreciation for high-quality crafts, artisanal work, and advanced design techniques and processes.

Experimentation is evidently at the heart of Studio Manda.

Every limited edition piece at Studio Manda undergoes a comprehensive design process, from initial sketches to creating replicas to scale, to modeling and experimenting with different materials. With its own in-house fabrication and innovation lab, design ideas and concepts develop and mature through trial, error, analysis, modification and reconstruction.

Studio Manda’s pieces are exhibited at international design fairs as well as solo showcases. Select pieces are represented by Carwan Gallery in Athens and Gallerie Gosserez in Paris, with close collaborations with Galerie Gabriel in New York and Le LAB in Cairo. Its timeless pieces are also available at Studio Van Den Akker in New York and Los Angeles. Studio Manda’s interior projects are designed to offer a harmonious flow between architecture and furniture. The design process entails attention to every detail in commercial, hospitality and residential projects, bringing touches of elegance and whimsicality to life, in spaces all around the world.